Mini-Cube 3000W (16A)  – 230V Schuko

Mini-Cube 3000W (16A) – 230V Schuko

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• Large cooling fins allowing operation in high temperature
• High safety by oversized power semiconductor
• Lamp lifetime increased by progressive illumination
• Controlled by an included rotary potentiometer or by DMX 512
• DMX 512 input & output on XLR5 connectors
• The DMX signal takes the prececedence by a switch, at the
mechanical end stop of the potentiometer
• LED indicator of dimming level (potentiometer using)
or DMX signal reception indicator (DMX using)
• DMX512 adressing with 3 encoding selectors
• Metallic enclosure allowing an high mechanical protection
• Capability of truss fixing with standard hook (not delivered)
• Accessory (option):
RVE spotligh yoke fixing adaptator