Slip Way Cable-protection Black or Yellow/Black

Slip Way Cable-protection Black or Yellow/Black

455:- SEK

Visually protecting and identifying your cables, SlipWay Cable Protection Tape offers a unique edge-only adhesive system, which allows your cables to be secured without the risk of sticky residue passing over to them.

Printed black/yellow with the words ‘Caution’ in three languages, SlipWay is ideal for use in events, conferences, exhibitions, schools and many other trip-hazard-aware venues.

Slipway Cable Protection Tape is also available in plain matt black, ideal for use back-stage in theatres, TV studios & sets where a more discrete appearance is required.

• Highly visual (Black/yellow colour)
• Discrete when required (matt black colour)
• Tearable by hand, no need for scissors
• Durable
• Helps keep cables adhesive residue free