SNOWboy SP Falling Snow Machine

SNOWboy SP Falling Snow Machine

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Created and manufactured soley by Snowboy Systems, the SNOWboy SP is used extensively in the film, theatre and television industries to create professional, realistic snow effects. This compact machine is the workhorse of the falling snow world and is known worldwide for its consistent performance.

Simple to use and reliable, the SNOWboy SP is also perfect for parties, weddings, Christmas events, conferences, you name it, wherever and whenever you want!

So why not have the best falling snow at your event this year and make it one to remember.

Handheld or Remote Control
Projects a curtain of snow 6 metres from front of machine
Adjustable Flake Size
SNOWboy Snow Fluid is bio-degradable, non-toxic, non-staining and dermatologically tested
Intense, amazingly realistic effect
Preferred machine for film, television and theatre