Sony Primes  T2.0

Sony Primes T2.0

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To make a camera operator’s entry into the 35mm
world as easy and economical as possible, the
affordable PMW-F3K model comes as standard with
three PL lenses. These have fixed focal lengths of
35mm, 50mm, and 85mm with T2.0, and – as this type
of lens doesn’t support flange back adjustment – an
adjustment mechanism is installed in the main body
of the PMW-F3. These PL lenses meet the specifications
both of traditional cinema lenses and of digital lenses.

This Super 35mm image sensor camcorder has a
shallow depth of field. Its T2.0 lens achieves the same
blur quality (bokeh) as T0.8 lens with camcorders
which have a 2/3” image sensor typically used for

• High resolution
• Well-controlled vignetting
• Low geometric distortion
• Minimized breathing
• Exit pupil position accommodates the characteristics
of the image sensor
• Eight-blade iris diaphragm specification

35 mm

50 mm

85 mm