Viper NT SmokeMachine

Viper NT SmokeMachine

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DMX as standard, analogue and stand-alone-mode
Internal timer
Fog output adjustable in steps of 1% (0 – 99%)
Full output only possible for 40 seconds
Continuous output only possible at output of 30% of full
Manufactured in Germany


Power: 1.3kW (Viper NT) // 2.6kW (Viper 2.6)
Warm up time: 7 minutes
Fluid consumption at 100% output: 120ml per minute (Viper NT) // 240ml per minute (Viper 2.6)
Fluid consumption at 50% continuous output: 35ml per minute (Viper NT) // 70ml per minute (Viper 2.6)
Fluid tank capacity: 5 litres
Fog output projection: 15 metres max.
Continuous output at 50%
Dimensions: 47cm long x 23cm wide x 24cm tall
Weight without fluid: 8.6kg (Viper NT) // 12kg (Viper 2.6)